CE 9000 Evo High Performance Scales

30000 PLU, 30000 texts for ingredients, contemporaneous management of up to 1000 tickets, 200 traceability lots, Customer Number management, large size memory, backup on USB Pen disk... have you ever dreamt of more?

Boost your Promotions

Loop presentations, pictures composition, promotional messages. CE 9000 EVO is your promotional partner and the first vehicle of information to customers waiting to be served. The creation and management of texts and pictures inside the scale is simple thanks to CE GEST software.

  Name Description
CE 9000 EVO CE 9000 EVO is a high performing instrument equipped with a large double-sided adjustable LCD colour display for the visualisation of pictures and short...
CE 9050 EVO
CE 9050 EVO Scale with remote weighing platform to respond top specific operating needs or space limitations. In addition, it can be used as cash register or linked...
CE 9100 EVO
CE 9100 EVO Compact high performance scale equipped with a plug-in cassette printer for labels and a short-stroke mechanical keyboard with water-proof membrane.
CE 9700 EVO
CE 9700 EVO Self-service scale enriched by a large mechanical keyboard with 117 keys. The keys layout contained in the capacious pocket is easily replaced. It is possible...
CE 9900 EVO
CE 9900 EVO Hanging electronic scale with structure in full stainless steel. It is the ideal instrument for fish market counters or whenever the need is to leave...