MACH 8000 Electronic Retail Scales

Membrane KeyboardWater-proof Membrane Keyboard

Working in a clean environment is vital, especially for retailers in the food sector. Italiana Macchi peculiar water-proof membrane keyboard has been designed for this purpose. The water-poroof membrane protects the scale keys from dust and dirt and can be easily removed to allow deep cleaning.

Tradition and Style

State-of-the-art technology, appeal and simplicity merge in MACH 8000 scales to offer the most suitable weighing solution for professionals in the retail business. Tradition of management and use combines with sophisticated devices like the high-speed printer, the bright monochrome LCD displays and the wide interconnectivity available.

  Name Description
MACH 8000 MACH 8000 is the ideal instrument of modern retail business. Its main characteristics are: double-sided monochrome adjustable (longitudinal) display involving a better vision; fast,...
MACH 8050
MACH 8050 Scale with remote weighing platform to respond to specific operating needs or space limitations. In addition, it can be used as cash register or linked to remote platforms with capacities...
MACH 8100
MACH 8100 The ultimate compact scale with plug-in cassette for labels (to speed up the operation of roll replacement). It is equipped with a short-stroke mechanical keyboard with water-proof...
MACH 8700
MACH 8700 Electronic self-service scale characterised by a short-stroke mechanical keyboard with 117 keys and a pocket holding the keys layout. It is possible to order the scale with double-sided...
MACH 8900 Full stainless steel hanging electronic scale, designed having in mind the needs of fish markets all over the world and of any retail store preferring to count on a clear counter.