Food Industry Equipment

Italiana Macchi for the food industry means a wide and varied product offer. Italiana Macchi is renowned worldwide as a manufacturer of slicers – gravity, vertical, flywheel and meat processing machinery.

All Italiana Macchi food industry equipment is made with sturdy and long lasting materials and holds the most advanced technologies for the freezing, precision cut, preparation and preservation of food. Every product is compliant with CE standards in terms of Hygiene and Safety.

Gravity Slicers

The Italian Macchi range of gravity slicers feature some of the most advanced technologies for the precision cutting of food. The are built with sturdy and long lasting materials and come in sizes to suit all styles...

Vertical Slicers

Our vertical slicers are the result of Italiana Macchi experience and everyday contact with professionals in the retail market. They are distinguished by their sturdiness, precision and quality.

Stainless Steel Slicers

The only slicers with 100% stainless steel body, resistant to corrosion and washable with a low pressure water sprinkler.

Flywheel Slicers

Flywheel slicers are manufactured in Italiana Macchi by the hands of wise craftsmen. The fascination of these slicers, in the typical 50s vintage style, combines with their advanced technology, especially concerning...

Meat Mincers

Minced meat is particularly sensitive to bacteria because it has a greater surface exposed to air and because its temperature rises during mincing. Refrigerated meat mincers offer the possibility to refrigerate...


We have a wide selection of other food industry equipment including packaging machines, bone saw machines and general kitchen aids. Packaging We sell a range of Italiana Macchi vacuum machines in different models...

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